Saving 15 Million Liters of Dangerous Hydrogen Peroxide in Electronics Industry

The developing utilitarian scope of cell phones, advanced cameras and tablets requires an abnormal state of joining thickness in the semi-conductor field and the scaling down of electronic modules.
printed circuit board assembly

Up to this point, the utilization of quicker microchips was practically inconceivable because of expanded warmth age. This issue would now be able to be settled by incorporating the microchips inside the level module (implanted innovation). This implies the utilization of chip transporters in association innovation is a relic of past times.

The licensed procedure is an achievement in the improvement of versatile correspondences. The extent of elements of portable end-client units to a great extent relies upon smaller scale conductor innovation and the scaling down of contact surfaces.

The H2O2 procedure utilized so far has the inconvenience of having an expansive procedure window which results in a temperamental and difficult to-control scratching process.

negative consequences for the carving nature of the structures

high generation scrap rate.

The ozone innovation empowers a tiny procedure window and exact metering of the drawing arrangement. The constructive outcomes superficially structure of the follows can be found in the

steepness of the scratched flanks

liner structures and expanded flag quality

the generation yield increments accordingly

the decrease in expenses in this hard-battled market

The conclusive factor is the historic improvement of the new procedure, which changes the production of printed circuit sheets.

In the assembling of printed circuit sheets, the leading structures are scratched onto a copper surface in a mind boggling and costly procedure. Up to now, liters of the hazardous material hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) were utilized in these drawing forms. The issue is this: Hydrogen peroxide is an exceptionally solid oxidation operator which expands the danger of flame and can make serious harm the eyes and disturbance to the skin. It is additionally poisonous.

It is definitely that this innovation is setting new benchmarks, since this combustible harmful material is supplanted by ozone (O3) that is created “in situ”. The procedure produces ozone from surrounding air utilizing a generator. The ozone is brought into the creation cycle straightforwardly at the point it is required. The volume of ozone produced along these lines is of the request of a couple of grams. Overabundance ozone is changed over to oxygen in an exhaust system and afterward released once again into the air. The basic and costly treatment of the poisonous material hydrogen peroxide is totally disposed of.

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